A modern Law Firm

Orłowski & Mikuliszyn Law Firm is a law firm that is young but that develops resiliently. The scope of our professional interests includes four branches of the law: criminal, civil, commercial and new technology law. The partners of the Law Firm are two experienced lawyers from Wrocław: Jakub Orłowski and Maciej Mikuliszyn.

Features of a good law firm

Adwokat_Orlowski_Mikuliszyn_net-011In our actions, we focus mainly on the power of young age combined with thorough systematised knowledge not only on the law itself but also on other disciplines, such as economy or psychology. Thanks to it, we may flexibly adjust our actions to the specific situations, sometimes very difficult ones, that our Clients are in. In our professional activity, we follow a kind of a guiding imperative consisting in the fact that we run the affairs of our Clients in such a way, in which we would like our own affairs to be run for us.

The efficiency of action allows for finding of effective solutions while the persistence in pursuing of the objective discovers new favourable ways for our Clients. We believe that open communication and mutual understanding of own needs constitute a significant basis of the success.

Complex legal services

Adwokat_Orlowski_Mikuliszyn_net-009Within its activity, our Law Firm offers both legal advice and complex arrangement of affairs. We serve natural persons and business entities. When it comes to the area, in which our Law Firm runs the affairs, Wrocław is not the only area of action. Caring about the well-being of our Clients and about adjusting ourselves to their individual needs, we offer performance of legal actions on the area of the entire Poland. We have a lot of satisfied Clients who use our services both via the Internet and in a personal contact between a lawyer and a client already today.

We perform all actions on the basis of the knowledge of the specialists from other fields of life and science. A modern approach to the quickly changing reality, including the law, results in the fact that as the Law Firm we complement the range of our solutions with the knowledge of: economists, psychologists, detectives, notaries public or IT specialists.

Cooperation with Ubi Societas, Ibi Ius Foundation


Our Law Firm cooperates with the Ubi Societas, Ibi Ius Foundation dealing with supporting and promotion of scientific, educational and legislative initiatives relating to the Polish law.

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