Civil law

A wide category of the law that is dealt with by our Law Firm is civil law. A very big percentage of the affairs handled by the lawyers relates to this field of the law. Within the civil law, the Law Firm deals with service of individual Clients having the status of natural persons. We deal with the civil law affairs running both on the area of Wrocław and in other places in Poland.

Law of succession – acquisitive prescription, determination of inheritance acquisition

One of the most important and the most often concerned branches of the civil law is the law of succession. In its field, the Law Firm deals with the cases that are directly connected with inheriting, both automatically and on the basis of documents, e.g. wills of the deceased persons. Our attorneys participate actively in such cases as determination of inheritance acquisition, waiver of inheritance or distribution of inheritance among different heirs in compliance with applicable legal provisions. We also assist in unclear issues relating directly to preparation of wills.

Apart from that, the Law Firm deals also with the general civil law cases. We often run cases relating to acquisitive prescription and provide assistance in settlement of conflicts relating to the property rights acquired in this way.

Family law – abolition of joint ownership

The lawyers in the Law Firm take also the family law cases. These cases relate mainly to property rights to various objects being possessed by the given family. On this basis, our lawyers participate in cases relating to abolition of joint ownership or its establishment as well as in related cases connected with real estates.

It is worth adding that we have the specialists who deal strictly with the contract law. In this field, we participate in cases relating to settlement of the due amounts under contracts and various proceedings for damages based on specific task contracts or commission contracts. We also often run the cases relating to adjudication on liability and solvency on account of existence of a guarantee or of a statutory warranty.

Apart from the specified activities, we also handle other affairs – just contact us to obtain the necessary information.

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