Commercial law

The services of our Law Firm connected with legal service of commercial companies or covering the commercial law with their scope are very popular. Thanks to the experience of our lawyers in the field of functioning of the commercial law entities as well as the ability to combine knowledge with practice, we may offer performance of services relating to the commercial law in practically every type of the affair.

The basic form of the affairs dealt with by the Law Firm are the affairs connected with establishment and functioning of companies. We coordinate establishment of a limited liability company as well as of other commercial companies in such a way that all taken actions are not only compliant with the law but also favourable for our Client. Apart from assistance in establishment of business, we also offer the possibility of preparation of all necessary documents that are needed for the functioning of the company. Our lawyers have long experience in preparation of the acts governing the functioning of companies, including various regulations, articles of association, statutes or resolutions.

If needed, we are also able to assist in disputable issues, for example in appealing against resolutions of the General Meeting. Thus, we also regulate the legal state of companies on an ongoing basis, serving them in all necessary aspects.

Apart from assistance in establishment of companies, our professionals handle also the actions aimed at liquidation of companies. We offer our services relating to ascertainment of bankruptcy of commercial law entities as well as full legal service relating to the necessary affairs. Our lawyers are able to run the affairs, the objective of which is liquidation of companies for any reasons.

We provide regular legal advisory services for all entities operating commercial companies on each stage of their activity. For some time, we have also been running the cases that are aimed at combating of unfair competition in a manner being compliant with the applicable law as well as being favourable for our Clients.

Should you need any additional information, please contact us, describing your affairs. Every affair, even the most trivial one, is worth consulting.

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