New technology law, copyright law

The modern world, developing continuously in the field of new technologies, requires also completely different legal actions focused on the created products. For this reason, our Law Firm has been specialised in running and arrangement of the affairs connected with new technologies.

These affairs include inter alia:

  • solving of copyright law problems;;
  • protection of personality rights;;
  • protection of industrial property right.

The first handled field is copyright law. Our action relates to personality rights which result from the fact of being an author of the work and the inalienable possibility to decide on its form and presentation. On the other hand, we deal also with copyright. We handle the processes of the transfer of such rights to third parties as well as pursuit of compensation on account of violation of copyright. The scope of our services includes widely understood protection of copyright both for the authors who pursue their rights and in further processes relating to this field of the law

Violation of personality rights

The development of new technologies and the impression of anonymity as well as the easiness of transmission are currently causing numerous cases, in which personality rights are violated. Our Law Firm deals with the cases of this type, pursuing the rights of the Clients in the field of protection of personality rights, in particular in the Internet, but not only.

One of the rights that are commonly violated in Poland in the era of Internet development is intellectual property right. In our Law Firm, qualified specialists care about maintenance of these rights for their Clients and also about solving of all cases relating to claims, both the ones brought by the Clients and the ones brought against them. It applies both to natural persons and to protection of industrial property rights for business entities.

New technology law

Apart from the specified fields, the Law Firm deals also with the affairs related to the subject matter of the new technology law. Thus, it provides completely complex service of demanding Clients.

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