Criminal law

An important field of our activity as the Law Firm is running of the criminal law cases. Due to the nature of our Law Firm, we provide complex legal assistance as counsels for the defence both on the stage of the preparatory proceedings and on the stage of the court proceedings. The courts in Wrocław, in Warsaw and in other cities in Poland are the places where we often defend the interests of our Clients.

The basic activities that we perform as attorneys relate mainly to preparation of the defence in trials relating to various crimes. We have enormous experience in running of cases relating to murders and as well of so-called economic criminal cases. We have been successfully representing our Clients in case when the action was brought by Tax Offices. In each case, the defence is conducted in a customised manner, thanks to which we may flexibly tailor our knowledge and experience to the needs of the given Client. It allows for effective presentation of their arguments and just defence of their rights. It also makes up the guarantee of a fair trial.

Our attorneys accompany the Clients on every stage of the criminal proceedings, from the very moment of acceptance of the case. It means that we provide assistance not only within obvious representation of the Client during the court trial but we also handle the entirety of the proceedings, i.e. activities upon the explanatory proceedings, legal advice for the accused persons, analysis of evidence as well as assessment of the needs and possibilities of the accused person. On the stage of the court proceedings, our attorneys implement the prepared defence as well as handle the additional activities which have resulted on this stage and which are connected with the rights and comfort of the defended Client. Additionally, if needed, the Law Firm also prepares itself for the defence on the stage of the proceedings in the Supreme Court.

Our services include all fields of activities which are represented and required by the criminal law. In case of a need to implement the criminal proceedings quickly or in case of interest in other services, our Law Firm provides also legal advice. All urgent issues may be arranged in a personal or telephone contact with the Law Firm.

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