The territorial reach of our Law Firm covers Lower Silesian Voivodeship as its seat is in Wrocław. The knowledge and experience acquired over the last years allow us to arrange the affairs in the field of the civil, criminal and business law also on the area of the entire country. We believe that an early diagnosis of a legal problem allows for finding of an effective solution which may significantly reduce the anticipated losses in the future.

Jakub Orłowski, Attorney, Wrocław

Partner in the Law Firm, Attorney – Wrocław and the entire Poland

He was making his first steps in acquisition of the legal education at the University of Lodz. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Education and then, defended his M.A. thesis written under the patronage of professor Wojciech Katner here. He was acquiring legal experience during the apprenticeship in JKG Sp. J. Law Firm operating in Wrocław, under vigilant supervision of Attorney Krzysztof Kaźmierczak. He completed his attorney traineeship at the District Bar Council in Wrocław.

At present, he participates in the doctoral seminar conducted at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław. The seminar is realised under the direction of professor Józef Frąckowiak at the Chair of Commercial Law. The scope of his professional interests includes running of criminal and economic criminal cases as well as – due to his participation in the life of the Chair of Commercial Law of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław – also the issues from the field of widely understood commercial law.

Attorney Jakub Orłowski serves his Client both in Polish and in English.

In his time off, Jakub Orłowski participates in mountain footraces and is interested in sport climbing and car races.

Maciej Mikuliszyn, Attorney, Wrocław

Partner in the Law Firm, Attorney – Wrocław and the entire Poland

Within his double-track education, he graduated from Enterprise Management at the Poznań University of Economics and Business and he acquired the knowledge on the law at the Faculty of Law of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. His attorney traineeship was completed at the Bar Association in Wrocław under the care of Attorney Mateusz Szymański. The lawyer combined acquisition of the necessary practical legal knowledge with professional experience in an international FMCG company

This combination of two disciplines – economics and law – allows him for free handling of the economic and business law. The Attorney deals also with the contract law.

At present, Maciej Mikuliszyn is a member of the Bar Association in Wrocław. He devotes his free time to a lot of passions: music and motor sports – he is a racing pilot in the crew of Peugeot 206 RC.

The Attorney serves his Client both in Polish and in English. Additionally, he holds a LCCI – EFB certificate.

Aleksandra Poks-Wielosik


A graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław – she completed her law studies in 2015 with a master’s degree in law, submitting a diploma dissertation entitled “Mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolution in civil proceedings” at the Department of Civil Procedure. In addition, in 2014, as part of the student exchange program, she studied European law at the University of Ghent. She has been entered on the list of solicitors of the Wrocław Chamber.

Aleksandra began to gain professional experience during her studies, and then broadened it by serving solicitor apprenticeship under the patronage of solicitor Piotr Stajniak. During the solicitor apprenticeship, she also obtained the TOLES Higher Certificate (Test of Legal English Skills Higher).

In her professional practice, she specializes in civil law with particular emphasis on family law, but also broadly understood criminal law and economic law. She performs her duties in both Polish and English.

She devotes her free time to her passions such as wakeboarding, ballet and traveling. In addition, she is a dog lover – she has award-winning purebred Thai Ridgeback Dogs, which she prepares for numerous purebred dog shows.

Natalia Tomczak

Trainee solicitor

A graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław. She obtained a master’s degree in law in 2017 after submitting a dissertation entitled “Personal background checks in the course of serving a prison sentence” at the Chair of Executive Penal Law. From January 2018, she is a trainee solicitor in the Wrocław Chamber under the patronage of solicitor Maciej Mikuliszyn. She completed her professional apprenticeship at Wiesław Masłowski’s Court Bailiff Office at the District Court in Opoczno, as well as at the District Prosecutor’s Office in Opoczno. She has been associated with Orłowski & Mikuliszyn Law Firm since November 2016.

The area of her legal interest includes criminal law, in particular executive criminal law, as well as civil law and commercial law.

She spends her free time exploring the subject of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, she is interested in psychology, in particular the issue of exerting social influence. Cooking is also one of her passions.